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COOP-04: Paramilitarized Island

COOP-04: Paramilitarized Island

A special commando squad consisting 4 elite soldiers is sent to liberate a small island from paramilitary occupation.

Mission Players have 4 main tasks to complete. Destruction, intel gathering, bunker cleaning and HVT rescue – with a chance of additional tasks being received as you progress through the mission.

Access to full arsenal, several helicopters, boats and APC – use anything to complete the mission.

[RTS] Curway: Aegis - Operation Saboteur

ffredyk [CZ]
[RTS] Curway: Aegis - Operation Saboteur

This is a modification mission for zeus, that changes it into RTS-style top-down view game.

In this mission, you are tasked to perform sabotage with Aegis unit inside the enemy territory. This mission is experimental, bugs may and will occur and not everything was taken into account, so please report any weird behaviour.

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Mission Info Infected are hunting you, are you skilled enough to outsmart them, escape them or kill enough of them to survive? This is a multiplayer mission for 2 to 5 players.

You begin stranded around your safe camp. Your first task is to get to the camp alive, there you create a team and your next task will be to get the vehicles for you to start escaping. After you get vehicles get to the shed and wait to the chapter 2.

Approximate playtime: 30–60 minutes

Features info

  • Features zombies that follows you and bites you, you can survive 9 zombie bites.
  • Zombies are not sprinting but just running
  • You can kill them with one to two shots
  • Thanks to arma logic, they are capable of wall clipping sometimes
  • Immersive mode (NOT YET)
  • Story with 5 characters
  • Gasoline mini-game
  • Low ammo
  • Skippable intro
  • Build with TFAR in mind
  • Zombies multiplied with player count
  • Zombies created locally on all clients

Trivia / Other

  • Mission is based on Nogova Virus.
  • I want to thank the creator of Nogova Virus for his creation and the whole saga.
  • This mission is a tribute to the Nogova Virus saga and will most likely follow it's storyline with some modifications.
  • Immersive mode is not yet fully functional, there were some development disagreements that halted it's production for some time.
  • Contains royalty free music from Youtube creator studio
  • Best immersion is achieved with Task Force Radio Arrowhead
  • Please report any bugs, errors or suggestions you'd like to change.

Anti Air Arcade (AAA)

ffredyk [CZ]

Those nasty greedy fouls think, they can invade OUR island?! Teach them a lesson, or multiple lessons.. Defend our beauty island from those pigs!

You are a gunner of a AA system, your objective is to murder and destroy every enemy from every single wave which will invade your island. Will you succeed in this heroic task, or will you be defeated?

Survivor - Endless

ffredyk [CZ]

Survive against bullies which just won't stop hunting you!

This is an sequel to the Survivor mission http://steamcommunity.com/…filedetails/?…


  • Know-how (3D icons above enemies)
  • Explosive Kills (Every dead enemy will explode) NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Rambo style (You get a machine gun)
  • Grenade hunt (You have grenades – enemies are running)
  • Enemy know-how (Enemies will know where you are even when they don't see you)
  • Gang party (Enemies get a rifle guns)
  • Mafia conflict (Everyone gets a rifle gun)
  • Drugs (Your view is dizzy) NOT YET AVAILABLE


  • Normal (Normal gameplay → 1 Player vs 9 enemies)
  • Night (Same as normal, but played during nighttime)
  • Boss (1 Player vs multiple enemies which can be killed by a headshot only)
  • Survival (1 Player vs horde of one-shot-one-kill enemies)

Between each mode (wave) is a 30s timeout for the player to organize himself. Each new round gives player 2 more magazines to his pistol and will heal him fully in order to survive another round. After third round has been completed, there is also 20s dramatizer during which is the mutator randomly chosen. After long round (3+ minutes long gameplay) the timout time is doubled to 60s.

Mutators are activated before each round starts and are enabled after 3 beaten rounds.

If player dies, he loses one of his 3 lifes. Rounds progression is saved (persistent across mission restarts and game shutdowns) and reset after lose of all lifes.

This is initial beta version. Changes will be made both to gameplay side and content side. Be sure to leave a comment to help make this mission even better


ffredyk [CZ]

You are the Exterminator! Special commando which is geneticaly augmented to withstand higher amount of damage! Your task is simple, get the blackbox!

Story: 2023 – Meteorite Popeye has landed on the North Pole. Later that year scientist John Dahr discovered that the meteorite carried lifeforms.

2024 – Professor of Genetics Michael Dolinsky studied the samples of Popeye's lifeforms and he found that they're containing genes, which react to adrenaline. He named it as „Aurora gene“.

2026 – Genetics started to experiment with gene Aurora.

2030 – First bred animal with Aurora gene lives. Scientist Greg Malina experimented with animals and discovered that if they are under influence of adrenaline, their skin is stronger and harder, also their brain is more active.

2032 – Science is trying to find a way to insert Aurora gene into human body.

2033 – Government thinks they can use Aurora's powers as military power. Later that year science finds the way how to insert Aurora gene into human body. This process is painful and slow.

2034 – First Aurora augmented soldier is now being trained in special facility. Project Exterminator is now started.

2035 – Government is afraid that Project Exterminator would fail and wants to know if it's worth the financial cost.

15. August 2035 The first Exterminator on his first mission. Will you be able to perform this extremely dangerous mission?

What the f*ck Your main goal is to maintain high level of adrenaline in your body. You can determine adrenaline level by yellowish borders of your view. The more yellow the borders are, the more pumped you are. If you lose adrenaline level, you will become weak and bullets can kill you easily. (More adrenaline = bigger resistance)

SHOA: Tutorial 1 (BETA)


Custom created real-time strategy mission. This is BETA version! It may contain some bugs and errors!

Controlling: LMB – Selecting units (Click to empty space to deselect all) (Hold CTRL while clicking units to select more units) RMB – Order button → Empty space = MOVE command, Enemy unit = ATTACK command, Empty vehicle = GET IN command, Selected vehicle = GET OUT command (Click on the vehicle, you have selected and crew will disembark) SPACE – Switch view (COMMAND to TACTICAL and TACTICAL to COMMAND)

Legend: Blue – Your units, you can control these Green – Allied units, you can't control these Red – Enemy units, you should kill or avoid these White – Selected units

Grouped units are connected via white lines (each member connected to the leader), leader of the group holds rank icon + his name.

Mounting vehicles: Vehicles are being mounted in pattern: — If more than 2 units are selected then >

  • Leader will mount commander pos if available
  • Rest of squad will mount positions „Driver“, „Gunner“, „Cargo“ in order

--- If no more than 2 units are selected then >

  • First unit will mount „Driver“ position and second will mount „Gunner“ positions

If some of the positions is not available for mounting vehicle, it's skipped. PURE ORDER: COMMANDER (>2 units) > DRIVER > GUNNER > CARGO

Known bugs:

  • AI can be buggy and stupid.. Engine problem, I suppose.
  • Sometimes UI may be buggy or misaligned (send me a screenshot please).
  • Icons have wrong positions sometimes
  • Icons of selected units may throw error if they are not on the screenspace.
  • Dead units may show „Board“ hover icon if hovered with cursor
  • Switching views may be buggy

Planned features:

  • Screen scrolling by key input. (WASD to navigate through battlefield)
  • Smart AI friend
  • Multiplayer support (COOP and Competitive)
  • Interactive buildings (for Competitive MP mainly) – Create soldiers, vehicles and another buildings

This script is created all by myself. DO NOT USE IT IN YOUR MISSIONS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! (It's not ready, some planned features still need to be constructed to the framework)

Operation Muskatnuss

ffredyk [CZ]
Operation Muskatnuss

Your task is to accomplish various tasks on the Stratis island. You are inserted stealthy by boat.

The mission I've created a long time ago.. It is not very optimized for playing on the current build, it was created when the alpha started. I'll try to more optimize it for playing on the current version of the game. It is buggy in some events..

It should be working, but the extraction task is a little buggy and might not be complete-able sometimes.

Operation Muskatnuss

ffredyk [CZ]

Your task is to accomplish various tasks on the Stratis island. You are inserted stealthy by boat.


ffredyk [CZ]

You know 3 things: You have a pistol, one medkit and a town with lot of enemies to shoot.. Will you survive?