Survivor - Endless


Katalog českých a slovenských Arma výtvorů

Survivor - Endless

ffredyk [CZ]

Survive against bullies which just won't stop hunting you!

This is an sequel to the Survivor mission…filedetails/?…


  • Know-how (3D icons above enemies)
  • Explosive Kills (Every dead enemy will explode) NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Rambo style (You get a machine gun)
  • Grenade hunt (You have grenades – enemies are running)
  • Enemy know-how (Enemies will know where you are even when they don't see you)
  • Gang party (Enemies get a rifle guns)
  • Mafia conflict (Everyone gets a rifle gun)
  • Drugs (Your view is dizzy) NOT YET AVAILABLE


  • Normal (Normal gameplay → 1 Player vs 9 enemies)
  • Night (Same as normal, but played during nighttime)
  • Boss (1 Player vs multiple enemies which can be killed by a headshot only)
  • Survival (1 Player vs horde of one-shot-one-kill enemies)

Between each mode (wave) is a 30s timeout for the player to organize himself. Each new round gives player 2 more magazines to his pistol and will heal him fully in order to survive another round. After third round has been completed, there is also 20s dramatizer during which is the mutator randomly chosen. After long round (3+ minutes long gameplay) the timout time is doubled to 60s.

Mutators are activated before each round starts and are enabled after 3 beaten rounds.

If player dies, he loses one of his 3 lifes. Rounds progression is saved (persistent across mission restarts and game shutdowns) and reset after lose of all lifes.

This is initial beta version. Changes will be made both to gameplay side and content side. Be sure to leave a comment to help make this mission even better