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ČSLA 3 mod update 2.25

ČSLA studio
ČSLA 3 mod update 2.25

New vehicles:

  • OT-62 TOPAS (CSLA)
  • K-349 „Dnepr“ (Russia)
  • MiG-29AS Fulcrum (AFSR)
  • Mi-24V Hind (AFSR)

New singleplayer campaign '89:

  • more than 60 missions
  • different advances and large variability in completion of tasks
  • various ending according to the decisions of player
  • three playable factions

New singleplayer missions:

  • Bomberman (DLC ACR is required)
  • One shot, one kill (DLC ACR is required)
  • Operation Venkov
  • Operation Venkov ACR (DLC ACR is required)
  • Shooting star (DLC ACR is required)
  • Tit for tat

New multiplayer missions:

  • Operation Venkov (COOP 10)
  • Operation Venkov (COOP 10) (DLC ACR is required)
  • Warfare for ported Sahrani


  • new PBO files for AFMC and FIA
  • new scripts in standalone PBO
  • new standalone object: Radiostation R-129
  • new standalone components for radiostation R-129 (antenna and batteries)
  • trowel now added also to AFMC units: they can dig a foxholes
  • added model for Sa-61 with silencer and released butt
  • added action for releasing of butt on Sa-61
  • fixed radius for rotation on DANA
  • various fixes in MP missions
  • various small fixes on models
  • fixes in strings and scripts
  • added „BIS_vapour“ effects on all planes
  • replenish of empty positions in static weapons once the gunner died
  • added action for opening of cargo doors on Mi-24
  • BMP-1: allowed searchlight for commander
  • Svatava a DTP-90: disabled opening of upper hatches

Special forces NightOPS


Description: Our Venom was shoot down over the rebels position. As the 5th special forces unit your task is to find the wreck and destroy it then you must find the prisoned pilots and escort them to US mobile base. It is only up to you how you complete this mission.

Features: freedom of movement custom loadouts custom soundtrack

The Last Magazine


As a U.S. special forces soldier you have to find help and escape from Zargabad. Explore the crash site and see if anyone else alive. You will have low ammo and there is a lot of bandits, you must be careful!

Vietnam pack

Pan Tau

This pack include singleplayer missions featuring the Unsung Vietnam War Mod.

Mission content: Rescue Pilot: Huey crashed. You and you platoon will be deployed near crash site to find pilot who survived and were captured by VC. (SEA island, intro, outro included)

Hold the line: In this mission you have to defend base from VC attack and survive. (SEA island, intro, outro included)

Lost in the hell

Pan Tau

Your huey is down. Only you know that in near village Lam lu is SF patrol. You have to get there and contact the patrol. (mission is with intro, outro)

I44 mission pack


I've had these mission on my harddrive for quite a time now. Originally made for the 102nd Recon Btn, our guys won't play anything else than modern times. After a hasty translation, I've decided to post them to the rest of the community so that my work wouldn't be entirely in vain. One of them is a Dogfight on Chernarus, Spitfires and Hurricanes versus Bf-109s and Stukas, fight for Chain Home Dover. The other is a 9 man commandos mission about destroying a fighter prototype.

ACR Morning dew

Watty Watts

As I have written in the ACR DLC's thread, some people are surely going to make scenarios using new units, even though the DLC is quite bugged compared to the others. Well I am one of them, but before I make something that came completely out of my head, I got an idea to make some remakes of official SP missions first. These of course wouldn't be just exact copies with different units, basically I'm using the concept of the mission and the area where it was situated, but other aspects – objectives, balancing, briefings, gear etc. – were modified (sometimes quite a lot).

First remake is the Morning dew, mission that came out with British armed forces DLC. This mission has quite good concept, but in my opinion is not working as it was planned. I can't remember single gameplay in which the Wildcat didn't crash and only rarely it was able provide some support. Jackal just drove in the middle of the city and was quickly destroyed etc. so most of the fighting remained on player's squad. Also not using the first aid module (which I basically use for units with body armors) mostly resulted in massacre and if the player wanted to win, he ought to eliminate at least half of the enemies including one or two vehicles, which is not so ArmA style, but more likely Rambo style (similar to the other BAF mission, where you lead few men with one Warrior against lots of enemies with tanks, apcs and Hind).

Considering this, ACR Morning dew is the outcome. I wish you good luck in playing.

Squad commander

Watty Watts
Squad commander

Chernarus, 2015. After finally stabilizing their country after 2009 crisis, chernarussian government decided to join EU. The country is – of course – divided into two camps by their opinoins on EU. Those who want to join the Union claim that this is the only way to prevent the history from repeating itself, those who want to stay out of the Union point out EU's failures, recent economical crisis, disunity in some crucial questions and other disadvantages. Unfortunately it's not far from words to weapons in this country. Nationalists, who couldn't accept the accessing process, joined together on the remnants of the old NAPA militias. And the first dead came soon. Czecho-slovak battlegroup, which was active at this time, was called for immediate action. As a leader of infantry squad, your mission is to coordinate attack of all teams and breach enemy's improvised defences. If you succeed, reinforcements and much needed humanitarian aid will soon arrive at nearby airport. If you fail…

Alca Tank Hunter

Alca Tank Hunter

Description: It's early morning, the sky is clear and an alert just awoke you… It's time on airstrike against enemy forces. You are a pilot of L-159 of the Czech Air Force and you have to find and destroy Russian tanks and helicopters, which are located on two places in Chernarus.

Features: Full SP air mission Texts in two languages – English and Czech Tested on ArmAII CO – 1.62

Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Changelog: v1.3 added new task added radio texts added ammo truck and new units improved briefing, hints and overview replaced Cheyenne's L-159 for L-159 from Army of the Czech Republic DLC All texts are in English and Czech languages. I also changed the story of the mission little bit.

v1.2 added Briefing fixed any things

Credits & thanks: Tomahawk – for translate to Finnish Linville – for made images

Special thanks: Bennett – Briefing


  • Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic

ČSLA v2.20

ČSLA mod
ČSLA v2.20

Seznam novinek:


  • RM-70 (CSLA)
  • ShKH?77 DANA (CSLA)
  • BPzV-1 Svatava (CSLA)
  • MU-90 (CSLA)
  • F-5E Tiger II fighter (AFMC)
  • F-5E Tiger II CAS (AFMC)

Nové SP mise:

  • Showcase CSLA (locked by default)*
  • Showcase AFMC (locked by default)*
  • Showcase FIA (locked by default)*
  • Support (demo from campaign '89)
  • Flying circus (demo from campaign '89)
  • Rumburak (demo from campaign '89)
  • Gambit (demo from campaign '89)
  • Long hand (demo from campaign '89)

*you need to finish other SP missions first to unlock this content

Nové zbraně:

  • Winchester 1300 (AFMC)
  • Minimi (AFMC)
  • FN FAL with Trilux/ANPVS-4 (AFMC)
  • SVD with NSPU (CSLA)
  • Sa-58 with NSPU (CSLA)

Další (anglicky):

  • all units of the AFMC faction are completely – new together with gear and items
  • new backpacks for AFMC
  • new helmets on CSLA riflemen/moto­riflemen
  • improvement of textures on CSLA units
  • new unarmed units of CSLA faction (prisoners)
  • new animations for holding of Uk-59, Minimi, W1300 and many other weapons
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