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COOP-04: Paramilitarized Island

COOP-04: Paramilitarized Island

A special commando squad consisting 4 elite soldiers is sent to liberate a small island from paramilitary occupation.

Mission Players have 4 main tasks to complete. Destruction, intel gathering, bunker cleaning and HVT rescue – with a chance of additional tasks being received as you progress through the mission.

Access to full arsenal, several helicopters, boats and APC – use anything to complete the mission.

[COOP 4-6]USMC Campaign: Back on Sahrani


Welcome back on Sahrani. As a Leader(SP) or member(MP) of your team Alpha 1–1 you have to bring freedom to island of Sahrani.

Mods Needed:

All massi's mods [units + vehicles + weapons] FHQ accessories pack:…

Authentic Gameplay Modification:…

AllinArma terrain pack: find it in PlayWithSix (its better)

Optional: JSRS 2, ShackTac thingies, TFAR

Have Fun.

[CZ]Operace Stormbringer: Co-op 10

[CZ]Operace Stormbringer: Co-op 10

Využijte JTAC k narušení vyjednávání mezi FIA a NATO.

Vytvořeno pro Fatal Puppies Squad.

Coop-3 GreenSmoke 3

Coop-3 GreenSmoke 3

Your primary objective is to clear the base but mostly secretly

Operation Sandstorm


Operation Sandstorm is a COOP multiplayer mission for 10 players, in wich you will play as paratrooper with your teammates. You must conquer with your AIs the Theros church.

Operation GreenSmoke

Operation GreenSmoke

It is a night mission where you or a NATO commander and a soldier mate command to destroy the building Opfar



FF Studio presents MP coop mission for 34 players. Your task in this mission is crush down activity of local rebels on island Stratis. Mission can be customized by 11 parameters (AI skill,time,revive options,ammobox system…).


  • Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
  • reviving teammates
  • only pilot can fly
  • gradually assigned tasks
  • player markers on map
  • vehicle/heli respawn
  • protected base zone
  • respawn of helicopters on request
  • rearm and refuel script for helicopters


  • ACRE
  • LAMA

.. but NO MODs required!


  • Tonic aka TAW_Tonic for VAS
  • =BTC= Giallustio for revive script
  • Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS] / updated by SPJESTER for vehicle respawn
  • Kronzky for String Functions Library
  • LAMA CZ-SK Team
  • BIS for this great game!

Have a fun and ENJOY IT!

Saving Agent


160th SOAR team must assault enemy prison camp on Altis island and retrieve captured CIA operative.

Mission includes full briefing and debriefing, multiple tasks and respawn.

(SP/CO-02) Last Assault


After big attack to enemy base, was your heli shot down. It will be difficult challenge for you as soldier and commander.

It´s my first published mission. I did lot of missions only for myself and friends (In Arma 2) I should thanks to Jester814, for his Tasks and Triggers tutorials. Have fun.

Part 2:OPFOR Rising


Part 2 of my campaing…I will put it to my campaing collection! You are playing as Independent squad leader,our HQ wants to attack Gravia.That´s all you know…