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Under the Radar


Another simple battle. As a medic, accompany your team, infiltrate Air Station Mike and defeat the enemy.

Combined Assault


Zlikvidujte techniku a pěchotu v základně CSAT

Dirty Streets


Take your team, clear the Agia Marina streets and destroy the OPFOR forces.

It's just another simple mission. Classic, ordinary battle scenario without tasks interface, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway

Clear the Way


Simple, short and easy mission for fun. Ride your Ifrit and destroy the blockade on the way to Jay Cove bay. For the navigation, use waypoints and map.

[SP] Night Patrol CZ


Kolem ostrova Stratis mlsně krouží lodě CSAT. Je i pravděpodobné, že už na ostrově nějaké jednotky CSAT jsou. Proveďtě hlídku a prověřte to!

Mise obsahuje:

  • Intro
  • Český dabing
  • Briefing
  • A mnoho dalších..

Steal the Helicopter


My variation of the Steal the Car mission from Operation Flashpoint/Arma: Cold War Assault and older live-stream with Arma 3 developers. But this time you have to steal the Mi-48 Kajman Gunship.

Check your task, use your map for some hints and watch out for the enemy helicopter and patrols. Good luck and have fun, I hope you'll enjoy my mission. And thanks for playing.


ffredyk [CZ]

Prove your driving skills in this fast-paced race! Show your opponents your true racer soul!


  • Drive against AI opponents
  • Back-on-road system (when you crash, you will pop back on the road)
  • Helpers (Notifications about possibilites and advices)
  • Atmospheric music
  • Anti-lag system (waits for extra slow frame (probadly lag spike) and then slows time a little for a while)
  • Race HUD (shows your current race time and position in the race – realtime)
  • Scoreboard (Finish the race and scoreboard including your Position, Race time, your personal record time and global best player's time)

Part 1: Invade Stratis

Gen. G. Hammond

Small intro to my own singleplayer campaign i will work on in the future. Map itself is nearly complete, briefing will change and tasks will be added. Make sure to vota and favorite if you like it.


ffredyk [CZ]

Be part of elite squadron which attacks enemy airfield