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Operation FreshAir [SP]


It is only one week we fought our way to the north part of Altis and it is only two days we have finished building FOB Sparta. We made a big step, but we have to make another one. Your team has to eliminate remaining enemy forces, that has retreated to the forests north and north-west of FOB. Also we have to find, capture and interrogate extremists leader Novak to prevent possible ambushes on our units. And finally we want to give iranians another lesson by seizeing city of Abdera. We can't allow enemy to regroup properly.

Mission includes:

  • voice acting
  • multiple combat environments
  • free to use any vehicle
  • multiple tasks to do (destroy, seize, find, defend)

Hope you'll enjoy.

What's behind the Coin


Trilogy of the Coin 3/3 – Before Iranian forces attacked American we could hardly move across Altis and plan anything big. But now, two months after the war started, Iran had to move more troops to front lines, so we have to grab this chance with both hands and make our first step to free the Republic of Altis and Stratis from Iran totalism and the USA demo of democracy.

So this is the final, longest and hardest part of my little trilogy story. Thanks for playing. Hope you like it.

The OP side of the Coin


Trilogy of the Coin 2/3 – American liars will get what they want, how could they only think that we will believe their crap, that they didn't set up an ambush on our general?! They must think we're stupid! It is too much already, all patience is gone, grab your gear and show them, that we aren't here for their amusement!

In this mission you take part as an Iranian squad leader attacking the american south side of Stratis. It is second part of trilogy, giving the view from the other side of the front (first part is „The BLU side of the Coin“). This part has more action and is little more difficult then the first part. Any critic is welcomed. Hope you won't be bored.

The BLU side of the Coin


In this mission you take place as a squad leader and your task is to patrol the border with Iran on Stratis island. There is also little „trilogy“ story behind, so if you like, read the chat during the game. It is one of my first missions, so don't be too much critic please. And sorry for my English. Hope you'll enjoy. Comment anything you want about my mission, I'll glad.