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Arma 3: Original War

Arma 3: Original War

You were sent 2 million years back in time, through a device called Eon. Your mission is to take control over large deposits of extraterrestrial mineral, known as Siberite – a catalyst of cold fusion – the one who owns it, rules the future. To succeed in your mission, you must survive in a complete isolation and possibly many months without any contact with other members of the expedition. Scavenge pristine lands of Central Siberia for the supplies from the future, research ways to utilize local resources, build improvised vehicles and fight your enemies. This is a one way mission, you die for a greater future of your nation.

Remake of a legendary strategy game called Original War, made by Czech development studio Altar Interactive and released in 2001.

Utilizing Arma 3’s Real Virtuality engine enables unique combination of RTS and FPS, fully supported within the multiplayer environment.

3 sides, 3 RTS players, 18 FPS players, 25km2 playground, one goal, endless possibilities

CSA38 mod - Czechoslovak army 1938 (Munich crisis)

CSA38 mod - Czechoslovak army 1938 (Munich crisis)

Vítej vojáku,

právě se ti dostala do rukou modifikace hry ArmA3 – „Československá armáda 1938 – Mnichovská krize“. Jedná se o simulátor možných bojů v roce 1938 v pohrani­čí…prozatím ve verzi „Alfa“, což znamená, že modely a funkce jednotlivých částí nejsou finální, „alfa“ verze má hráči přinést pouze obrázek o obsahu, který postupně budeme aktualizovat a i dopl?ovat a optimalizovat pro lepší hráčský zážitek.

Ve verzi je k dispozici mapa „Mařenice“, což je terén zpracovaný na základě skutečného terénu v Lužických horách v měřítku 1:1 a rozestavení objektů odpovídá skutečnosti.

Fictional 2035 Russian Armed Forces

Fictional 2035 Russian Armed Forces

Concerning compatibility with Zeus and other mods etc.:

Zeus, ASDG and ALiVE compatibility is coming. It's just going a bit slow because both of us have no experience with those mods or config compatibility. If anyone wants to lend a hand, it will be much quicker. :)

Please give us Feedback or report any bugs either here or on the BIS and Armaholic forums!…rmed-forces/…


This mod adds a fictional „future“ version of the Russian Armed Forces to ArmA 3. It can be used to complement the other 2035 factions in the game. Featured are unique uniforms, vests and gear (with their own models and textures) and included is the regular army, recon, paratroopers, sniper teams etc. in either Digital Flora or Berezhka camouflage.

Also, a lot of vanilla ArmA3 assets are utilized, especially vehicles which are retextured with the modern „Nakidka“ camo.

Another thing included are the AK12 weapons and fictional „12“ variants of others (using Vilas' AK12 model as a basis). Marskman DLC features are compatible.

We plan on expanding the roster, gear and armament with further versions. Same goes for some of the ArmA3 assets/placeholders (CSAT RPG-42 etc.) that will be replaced in the future.


  • ArmA 3


Extract the folder @Min_RF into your ArmA3 game directory and enable the mod in the launcher. Also put the Mindas.bikey into the core Keys folder.

For Steam Workshop, basically just hit the Subscribe button. :P After downloading the mod, do the same with the included .bikey file as bove.

For uninstallation, disable the mod in the launcher and delete the respective folder or Unsubscribe in case you're using Steam Workshop.


Mindas – Everything. Models, textures, config.. yes, he's that busy! Deathstruck/Slashbac­k/Salvatore_Le­e – Betatest, screenshots, permissions. And yes, I had that many nicknames. Vilas – AK12 model and MLOD. Toadie2k – AK animations. Sudden – Vehicle and armor textures. Avezd – Vehicle and armor textures. Chairborne – Vehicle and armor textures. TheEvanCat – Black Titan launcher. BadHabitz – Help with solving some of the retexturing problems concering the Titan launcher. Bohemia Interactive – The rest of the assets and ArmA3.


  • Retextures are okay. Feel free releasing those without asking (HiddenSelections are enabled).
  • Same goes for using the mod as a requirement for another.
  • Please ask our permission before releasing mods that alter or are based on the assets of this mod (models etc.)


You can usually contact us on the respective forums.

Mindas Deathstruck


By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, yaddy yadda.


Version 0.9 (27–10–15)

  • Initial public release.



Warlords for Arma 3 is a multiplayer mode set up as a sort of Sector Control / CTI hybrid supporting TvT, PvP as well as COOP and even solo play against the AI. After subscribing, Warlords scenarios will appear when setting up a MP game.

More info:…

ČSLA 3 mod update 2.25

ČSLA studio
ČSLA 3 mod update 2.25

New vehicles:

  • OT-62 TOPAS (CSLA)
  • K-349 „Dnepr“ (Russia)
  • MiG-29AS Fulcrum (AFSR)
  • Mi-24V Hind (AFSR)

New singleplayer campaign '89:

  • more than 60 missions
  • different advances and large variability in completion of tasks
  • various ending according to the decisions of player
  • three playable factions

New singleplayer missions:

  • Bomberman (DLC ACR is required)
  • One shot, one kill (DLC ACR is required)
  • Operation Venkov
  • Operation Venkov ACR (DLC ACR is required)
  • Shooting star (DLC ACR is required)
  • Tit for tat

New multiplayer missions:

  • Operation Venkov (COOP 10)
  • Operation Venkov (COOP 10) (DLC ACR is required)
  • Warfare for ported Sahrani


  • new PBO files for AFMC and FIA
  • new scripts in standalone PBO
  • new standalone object: Radiostation R-129
  • new standalone components for radiostation R-129 (antenna and batteries)
  • trowel now added also to AFMC units: they can dig a foxholes
  • added model for Sa-61 with silencer and released butt
  • added action for releasing of butt on Sa-61
  • fixed radius for rotation on DANA
  • various fixes in MP missions
  • various small fixes on models
  • fixes in strings and scripts
  • added „BIS_vapour“ effects on all planes
  • replenish of empty positions in static weapons once the gunner died
  • added action for opening of cargo doors on Mi-24
  • BMP-1: allowed searchlight for commander
  • Svatava a DTP-90: disabled opening of upper hatches

ČSLA v2.20

ČSLA mod
ČSLA v2.20

Seznam novinek:


  • RM-70 (CSLA)
  • ShKH?77 DANA (CSLA)
  • BPzV-1 Svatava (CSLA)
  • MU-90 (CSLA)
  • F-5E Tiger II fighter (AFMC)
  • F-5E Tiger II CAS (AFMC)

Nové SP mise:

  • Showcase CSLA (locked by default)*
  • Showcase AFMC (locked by default)*
  • Showcase FIA (locked by default)*
  • Support (demo from campaign '89)
  • Flying circus (demo from campaign '89)
  • Rumburak (demo from campaign '89)
  • Gambit (demo from campaign '89)
  • Long hand (demo from campaign '89)

*you need to finish other SP missions first to unlock this content

Nové zbraně:

  • Winchester 1300 (AFMC)
  • Minimi (AFMC)
  • FN FAL with Trilux/ANPVS-4 (AFMC)
  • SVD with NSPU (CSLA)
  • Sa-58 with NSPU (CSLA)

Další (anglicky):

  • all units of the AFMC faction are completely – new together with gear and items
  • new backpacks for AFMC
  • new helmets on CSLA riflemen/moto­riflemen
  • improvement of textures on CSLA units
  • new unarmed units of CSLA faction (prisoners)
  • new animations for holding of Uk-59, Minimi, W1300 and many other weapons
Další informace:

ČSLA mod - v2.00

ČSLA mod
ČSLA mod - v2.00

ČSLA modu pro ArmA 2: Arrowhead ve verzi 2.00.


  • 3 nové frakcie ČSLA, AFMC a FIA (tieto budú v ďalších patchoch dopl?ané)
  • množstvo vlastných detailne prepracovaných modelov kompatibilných s OA (napr. podpora TI materiálov)
  • podrobne spracované členenie mužstva od strelcov, cez pomocníkov, až po nosičov munície
  • pokročilé nastavenie penetrácie a pancierovania vozidiel (rozdielne hrúbky pancierovania)
  • všetky vozidlá majú možnosť nastavovania vlastných textúr pomocou CFG
  • všetky dlhé ručné zbrane a zbrane vozidiel majú možnosť nastavenia zeroingu/nulovanie mieridiel
  • všetky pechotné statické zbrane sú rozoberateľné a prenositeľné
  • pokročilý systém vlastných batohov od muničných po kanistre, opravárenské a medi batohy
  • budovanie zákopov pre mužstvo a techniku
  • AI si vie rozobrať zásobník 250× 7,62×54R na päť zásobníkov 50× 7,62×54R
  • nové intro animácie v úvodnom menu pre všetky oficiálne ostrovy

Singleplayer misie

  • Operace Dynamo
  • Heavy Metal
  • C.A.P.
  • Hliadka
  • Kobra
  • Ukradni Land Rover
  • Tulga
  • Žabák

Multiplayer misie

Battle for Airbase

  • Teamový DM
  • ostrov Utes
  • ČSLA vs. Takistan letecké súboje na lietadlách Aero L39ZA Albatros o nadvládu nad leteckou základnou Utes
  • max. počet hráčov 8

Operace Dynamo

  • Coop
  • ostrov Černarus
  • ČSLA vs. NAPA stealth akcia hlboko v nepriateľskom území kde číha za každým stromom guľka alebo granát
  • max. počet hráčov 6

CSLA Warfare

  • ostrov Černarus
  • konverzia originálnej misie od Bennyho
Další informace: