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MP mission for I44 mod. It is „capture and hold“ mission for 1 – 46 players based on Battlefield playing style.

Our target was to create MP mission where all players (also enemies) will be close together and not over whole map. Therefore player can capture only neasrest enemy flag (assigned by task) and not flags behind enemy frontline. These frontlines will move during mission (see 3rd pic). Due to this system the battle will placed mainly between axis and allies frontlines.

It it possible in params to set AI defend and AI attack – so you can play this mission also alone only with AI.

For win the battle you have to capture all 5 flags or reach score defined by param (default: 1000).

Mission Info:


  • Capture & Hold
  • Players: 1–46

Needed addons :

  • Invasion 1944 – DDay (v 2.0)
  • Invasion 1944 v2.1 Hotfix (v 2.1)
  • Invasion 1944 v2.2 Hotfix (v 2.2)

Available vehicles/planes for roles:

  • Soldiers – only transport trucks
  • Crew – 1 tank , 2 halftrucks, transport trucks
  • Pilot – 2 figter planes

Version: 1.03

  • AI attacked even if „AI attack param“ was disabled (fixed)
  • added 1 AI group which will defend thier flag when „AI defend param“ is enabled (added)

BI forum: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?…