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Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Elite squad needs to search the woods for partisans and afterwards assault an airstrip with paratroopers. This is still only early alpha. After playing this mission over and over agein more then 30 times I decited to go for a public alpha test in order not to get insane. Be advise, that this mission may be bugged! I added InfoText in the beginning, but it didn't want to show up, which is weird, becouse I've done it before and it always worked. Therefore it would be nice, if someone more experienced would take a peek in it. Mission duration is cca 3 hours.


  • Atmospheric mission with variety objectives.
  • Hidden objectives.
  • Alternative end.
  • Custom music.


  • Czechoslovak Peoples Army (CSLA)
  • Mig-15
  • NIM Dynamic Weather
  • Arma 2

Free the Pilot


Simple made Operation Flashpoint style mission. As a leader of a Czech special squad liberate a pilot, who is being held in an enemy occupied village.