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Infiltration [Zombies and Demons]

Infiltration [Zombies and Demons]

gia Marina is under zombie attack and you have a very important mission.

Objectives Deliver fuel truck to the target location (optional) Find hidden supplies near the breakwater (optional) Kill uniqe „spider“ zombie (optional) Clear the town

Beware of highlighted areas!

Flanker Hits Back

Flanker Hits Back

Operace Silentcoast začala. Americké síly se vylodily na Altis, aby odtud vytlačily jednotky CSAT. V tuto chvíli se blíží k naší strategické základně v Gravii. Nasedni do svého Su-35 a zkus je zastavit poblíž Molosu a Sofii co nejrychleji to bude možné.


  • Full Singleplayer mission
  • 3 different tasks
  • Optional armament
  • Texts and dialogs in English, French and Czech

Mission requires this addon:

Su-35 E Flanker: http://steamcommunity.com/…filedetails/?…


  1. Click the „Subscribe“ and it should install automatically


  1. Download from: To be added soon…

Special thanks:

chicago – testing vanhouten – testing BonnieBlue88 – English corrections o_livier – French translation John_Spartan – for amazing addon

I will be glad, when you leave any comment…

[SP] Return To Eden

[SP] Return To Eden

3D Eden Editor is out everyone! As celebration I made this short mission called „Return To Eden“ to memorial of OFP: CWC mission. This is my first mission created in Eden Editor, so have fun.

Description: After years of CSAT opression of Altis, NATO decided to take it back from them. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are preparing a coastal attack. It's time to Return To Eden!


  • Fast action mission
  • Object composiotion
  • Voiceovers (ENG)

Version: 1.0

If you'll find some bugs, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

resistance-rat 2016

Operation Earthquake SP

Operation Earthquake SP

You are in the enemy territory. CSAT is preparing deployment of the seismic generator weapon. Your mission is to find location of seismic generators and destroy them.


  • Main mission
  • Side missions
  • Zeus avalible for squad leaders
  • Arsenal
  • ZBE caching script for performance
  • Autosave
  • Ability switch to the Squad leader by radio
  • Voice acting

I am looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy!


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