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Tento katalog slouží jako seznam dostupných českých (a slovenských) komunitních výtvorů.

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Cope's revenge 3

Cope's revenge 3

„It looks like it never ends. I was trying to find peacefull place but no. They tried to kill me. Again. Time to another revenge. Maybe I am old man and my instinct wont last long. So, I must be fast.“



„We just finished the exploration of P2X-25462. Near the gate, we found some Ancient statue and also signs of goauld research presence. We managed to connect our computer to the goauld crystals and now we just have to download all the data. But nothing is as easy as it looks…“

[SP] Rapid Act

[SP] Rapid Act

Response team of CTRG 15 is heading to the island of Malden to destroy supplies of an extremist faction.

Description: After recent terrorist attacks in major European cites, NATO decided to invade island of Malden to eliminate extremist faction – Revolutionary Front of Malden. CTRG 15 is commencing their very own operation to eliminate RFM's supplies before they can withdraw from NATO's advance.


  • Fast-paced scenario (20 min)
  • Voiceovers (ENG)



The CZ BREN 2 assault rifle for Arma 3 used by Army of the Czech Republic and by French GIGN.

This addons contains eight variants of the CZ BREN 2 assault rifle. CZ BREN 2 (8" length barrel) CZ BREN 2 (11" length barrel) CZ BREN 2 (11" length barrel) with grenade launcher CZ 805 G1 CZ BREN 2 (14" length barrel) CZ BREN 2 (14" length barrel) with grenade launcher CZ 805 G1 CZ 807 (14" length barrel) CZ 807 (14" length barrel) with grenade launcher CZ 805 G1

The addon requires CBA for compatibility of attachments and magazines of other mods.

Spectrum Control

Spectrum Control
C.J. & FrankForsyth

Try to play Arma PvP combat as never before. Four teams are fighting against each other in one arena! Much more faster, crazy and fun than author of this project thought. This mode is using mechanics from previous competitive version of Spectrum. Do you need to improve your aim? Do you wanna warm-up before some tournament? Or you just wanna have fun with your friends! This is exactly what you are looking for ! Can you handle this madness ?

Basic rules

  1. This mode always pits four teams which are trying to synchronize portals in arena.
  • Infinite respawns (10 seconds delay)
  1. Match ends when one of the teams reach 100th point.
  • Can be adjusted in server params
  1. You can buy new weapon only in respawn area by presing ‚B‘ for your available points ($)
  2. If you enter opponents respawn area, you will be execute.
  3. Friendly fire is ON.
  4. When you drop your VR uniform you will be execute!
  5. If you are injured a lot, holdaction for healing will appear. (No first AidKit needed)

Economy You can get points for:

  1. killing players from other team (+2 or +3 by pistol)
  2. synchronizing with portals (+2 points)
  3. after each respawn (+1 point)

Team score Every 20 seconds your team will earn the same number of points as number of owns portals. (5 portals in map) Hint: Synchronize your team in portal (Use hold action inside portal). Synchronization process itself takes five seconds.

Spectrum mechanics

  1. Portals – synchronization with portal will earn your team 1 point every 20 seconds. How many portal you own at the end of the 20 seconds cycle, so many points you will earn.
  2. Your uniform will colorize closest VR block to the same color as yours. So you can see and predict enemy movement.
  3. Decoy (IR Grenade) – You can throw decoy which will colorize closest block for few sseconds to your color.(fake your movement).
  4. Weapon loadout – You can buy one of five available(if you have enough $ points) weapons in respawn area
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