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[SP] Return To Eden

[SP] Return To Eden

3D Eden Editor is out everyone! As celebration I made this short mission called „Return To Eden“ to memorial of OFP: CWC mission. This is my first mission created in Eden Editor, so have fun.

Description: After years of CSAT opression of Altis, NATO decided to take it back from them. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are preparing a coastal attack. It's time to Return To Eden!


  • Fast action mission
  • Object composiotion
  • Voiceovers (ENG)

Version: 1.0

If you'll find some bugs, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

resistance-rat 2016

Operation Earthquake SP

Operation Earthquake SP

You are in the enemy territory. CSAT is preparing deployment of the seismic generator weapon. Your mission is to find location of seismic generators and destroy them.


  • Main mission
  • Side missions
  • Zeus avalible for squad leaders
  • Arsenal
  • ZBE caching script for performance
  • Autosave
  • Ability switch to the Squad leader by radio
  • Voice acting

I am looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy!


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no description


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Letecký přepad letiště, zničení řídící věže, nepřátelské techinky a likvidace místního velitele ISIS. Ace revive systém základní úrovně, možnost použití respawn. Hráč je informován o úkolech pomocí Tasků.

!!! Velitel skupiny je pilotem pro úvodní přepad – nutnost 1 hráč jako velitele xD

K misi je potřeba: CBA_A3 (+ možná i Community Base Addons v2.2.0) CUP Weapons ace ACR_A3 – Army of the Czech Republic A3 ACRE 2 ASDG_JR Blastcore: Phoenix CAF AGGRESSORS v 1.5 CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon CUP Terrains – Core CUP Terrains – Maps Cha Mi8 fata EBU Mods (C-130) RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RHS: United States Forces ARMA3: ALiVE Leights OPFOR Pack OFFICIAL

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Mission Info Infected are hunting you, are you skilled enough to outsmart them, escape them or kill enough of them to survive? This is a multiplayer mission for 2 to 5 players.

You begin stranded around your safe camp. Your first task is to get to the camp alive, there you create a team and your next task will be to get the vehicles for you to start escaping. After you get vehicles get to the shed and wait to the chapter 2.

Approximate playtime: 30–60 minutes

Features info

  • Features zombies that follows you and bites you, you can survive 9 zombie bites.
  • Zombies are not sprinting but just running
  • You can kill them with one to two shots
  • Thanks to arma logic, they are capable of wall clipping sometimes
  • Immersive mode (NOT YET)
  • Story with 5 characters
  • Gasoline mini-game
  • Low ammo
  • Skippable intro
  • Build with TFAR in mind
  • Zombies multiplied with player count
  • Zombies created locally on all clients

Trivia / Other

  • Mission is based on Nogova Virus.
  • I want to thank the creator of Nogova Virus for his creation and the whole saga.
  • This mission is a tribute to the Nogova Virus saga and will most likely follow it's storyline with some modifications.
  • Immersive mode is not yet fully functional, there were some development disagreements that halted it's production for some time.
  • Contains royalty free music from Youtube creator studio
  • Best immersion is achieved with Task Force Radio Arrowhead
  • Please report any bugs, errors or suggestions you'd like to change.

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