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Titus for Arma 3 contains three versions: unarmed, armed and police version


  • accessories in virtual garage: working slat cage, camo net, windows grilles
  • ten color variants
  • simulation of Tatra suspension (“backbone“ tube and independently swinging half-axles)
  • mirros and cameras
  • working GPS on more than 40 maps
  • animated doors, hatches
  • UAV terminal available for commander
  • working lightbar and sirens on police version
  • emblems of several counterterrorist units for vehicle with police parts (use this command: vehicle setObjectTextu­reGlobal [9, „qin_titus\da­ta\emblems\swat­.paa“]; another units: geo.paa, gign.paa, gsg9.paa, nocs.paa, urna.paa)

EDEN editor: BLUFOR → NATO → Cars → Titus, Titus (ARX20) BLUFOR → Pacific NATO → Cars → Titus, Titus (ARX20) BLUFOR → Gendarmerie → Cars → Titus (Police)

[RTS] Curway: Aegis - Operation Saboteur

[RTS] Curway: Aegis - Operation Saboteur
ffredyk [CZ]

This is a modification mission for zeus, that changes it into RTS-style top-down view game.

In this mission, you are tasked to perform sabotage with Aegis unit inside the enemy territory. This mission is experimental, bugs may and will occur and not everything was taken into account, so please report any weird behaviour.


C.J & FrankForsyth

Its year 2035,prisoners all over the world are once per 6 months randomly picked and moved to special military object. Here in another few days,they will be split into groups by 4 and sent into spectrum arena, where only way out is eliminate every criminal in arena from different team. Will you survive and set yourself free ?



Advance And Secure PvP game mode for Arma 3, with dynamically generated missions. Game mode is for 24 vs. 24 players. Well playable even for 1 vs. 1 player.

Voices Of Freedom

Voices Of Freedom

Americké velení potřebuje více informací o silách CSAT. William Sikorski a jeho skupina proto musí najít uvězněného poručíka v samém srdci území pod kontrolou CSAT.


  • Full Singleplayer mission
  • 3 different tasks
  • Nonlinear story – make a decision
  • Texts and dialogs in English, French and Czech
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