Operation FreshAir [SP]


Katalog českých a slovenských Arma výtvorů

Operation FreshAir [SP]


It is only one week we fought our way to the north part of Altis and it is only two days we have finished building FOB Sparta. We made a big step, but we have to make another one. Your team has to eliminate remaining enemy forces, that has retreated to the forests north and north-west of FOB. Also we have to find, capture and interrogate extremists leader Novak to prevent possible ambushes on our units. And finally we want to give iranians another lesson by seizeing city of Abdera. We can't allow enemy to regroup properly.

Mission includes:

  • voice acting
  • multiple combat environments
  • free to use any vehicle
  • multiple tasks to do (destroy, seize, find, defend)

Hope you'll enjoy.