The OP side of the Coin


Katalog českých a slovenských Arma výtvorů

The OP side of the Coin


Trilogy of the Coin 2/3 – American liars will get what they want, how could they only think that we will believe their crap, that they didn't set up an ambush on our general?! They must think we're stupid! It is too much already, all patience is gone, grab your gear and show them, that we aren't here for their amusement!

In this mission you take part as an Iranian squad leader attacking the american south side of Stratis. It is second part of trilogy, giving the view from the other side of the front (first part is „The BLU side of the Coin“). This part has more action and is little more difficult then the first part. Any critic is welcomed. Hope you won't be bored.