ACR Morning dew


Katalog českých a slovenských Arma výtvorů

ACR Morning dew

Watty Watts

As I have written in the ACR DLC's thread, some people are surely going to make scenarios using new units, even though the DLC is quite bugged compared to the others. Well I am one of them, but before I make something that came completely out of my head, I got an idea to make some remakes of official SP missions first. These of course wouldn't be just exact copies with different units, basically I'm using the concept of the mission and the area where it was situated, but other aspects – objectives, balancing, briefings, gear etc. – were modified (sometimes quite a lot).

First remake is the Morning dew, mission that came out with British armed forces DLC. This mission has quite good concept, but in my opinion is not working as it was planned. I can't remember single gameplay in which the Wildcat didn't crash and only rarely it was able provide some support. Jackal just drove in the middle of the city and was quickly destroyed etc. so most of the fighting remained on player's squad. Also not using the first aid module (which I basically use for units with body armors) mostly resulted in massacre and if the player wanted to win, he ought to eliminate at least half of the enemies including one or two vehicles, which is not so ArmA style, but more likely Rambo style (similar to the other BAF mission, where you lead few men with one Warrior against lots of enemies with tanks, apcs and Hind).

Considering this, ACR Morning dew is the outcome. I wish you good luck in playing.