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Tento katalog slouží jako seznam dostupných českých (a slovenských) komunitních výtvorů.

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Cope's revenge 3

Cope's revenge 3

„It looks like it never ends. I was trying to find peacefull place but no. They tried to kill me. Again. Time to another revenge. Maybe I am old man and my instinct wont last long. So, I must be fast.“

[CO-03] Armagedon | Horror

[CO-03] Armagedon | Horror
2Lt. Fraja

Atmospheric CO-OP horror mission with revive and autosaving for 3 people. Difficulty : 3 Players – Easy 2 Players – Normal 1 Payer – Hard

Playtime : 20–40 minutes

You are police officers in late 70's in a fictional eastern European country. In recent times, you got a lot of cases with people gone missing. There are strange rumors around here, that some unidentified group is kidnapping the people for their religious purposes, but that can't be true. This place is very calm, with really low crime rate. Now get to the work Officers!

The Forest

The Forest

Two adventurers are heading into deep Livonian forest to search for mysterious graves of defeated SS company. Rumors seem to be more than real.

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