Specter Armaments


Katalog českých a slovenských Arma výtvorů

Specter Armaments

Specter Armaments

Compilation of addons. Including: Vests based on Paraclete RAV (black and green version) and Allied industries MBSS (black, green, tan and special one), combination of PACA(tan) and MBSS. Russian Altyn helmet (closed and open visor). EOD bombsuit with helmet.

And finally EOD robot Talon (still not finished, but it's quite operational now at least)

I haven't made any ammobox with gear yet, so it can be found only in Virtual Arsenal or something similiar(VAS..).

Classnames: RAV – Specter_RAV , Specter_RAV_BLK

MBSS – Specter_MBSS, Specter_MBSS_BLK, Specter_MBSS_TAN, Specter_MBSS_WTF

MBSS (light) – Specter_MBSS_light, Specter_MBSS_lig­ht_BLK. Specter_MBSS_lig­ht_TAN, Specter_MBSS_lig­ht_WTF


MBSS+PACA (light) – Specter_MBSS_PA­CA_l, Specter_MBSS_PA­CA_l_BLK, Specter_MBSS_PA­CA_l_TAN, Specter_MBSS_PA­CA_l_WTF

Titan Altyn Helmet (closed) – H_Titan_Helmet , opened – H_Titan_Helmet_O

BombSuit – U_bombsuit , helmet – H_Bombsuit_Helmet

Talon Backpack – B_Talon01_bac­kpack_F

Talon EOD bot – B_UGV_talon_arm_F (found under NATO/autonomous)