Leading Sector [SC 25]


Katalog českých a slovenských Arma výtvorů

Leading Sector [SC 25]

Leading Sector [SC 25]

Capture and hold all assigned sectors in TvsT or COOP battle.

  • no addons required
  • various adjustable parameters
  • adjustable daytime
  • adjustable weather conditions
  • radio chatter between AI in group can be disabled
  • selection of battle sector (8 locations)
  • chopper support can be enabled/disabled
  • additional cars can be enabled/disabled
  • mortar support can be enabled/disabled
  • re-configuration of AI groups
  • adjustable combinations for advancing of all AI units
  • mission can be played as SP mission (via local MP)
  • respawn on main vehicle and on captured sectors
  • respawn of all availble vehicles
  • random counterattacks on captured sectors
  • 10 BLUFOR vs. 10 OPFOR playable slots
  • optional playable slots for human diversants (except „normal“ playable slots for OPFOR/BLUFOR)
  • random civilan boats over the whole island (mainly in ports)
  • additional stuff (items/weapon­s/magazines) in cargo space of main vehicle
  • players can change their clothing for diving
  • main vehicle has action to unload ammo and weapon crates (only from main respawn vehicle)
  • main vehicle has action to fix broken wheels and minor damage