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Arma 3

Noční směna

Buffalo Soldier

mise pro 2 ale jde hrát i solo ujmete se role snipera a vyrazíte na noční missi zabít velitele obrněncu ,close air support, získat dokumenty atak různě.Tip:když voláte transport je dobré mít mapu už trochu přiblíženou páč až se vás to zeptá na souřadnice musíte dát nejdřív mapu(vtu chvíli už nejde přiblížit) a až pak kliknout kolečkem na landing zone(ale pokud jí použiváte od začátku misse měli byste jí mít už přiblíženou dostatečně).Kdyby byl nejakej bug napište testováno a vše fungovalo ale pokáždé to muže být jiné

Operation Thronefall


SEAL TEAM 6 is about to pull off another simple (simple?) hostage rescue.

Our civilian informer was captured in rebel held village of Oreokastro while trying to transmit location of a hidden ammo cache. Get him out and try to locate and destroy the cache.

FEATURES: Fully random patrols Random placement of the second objective. Good replayability. Custom soundtrack.

REQUIRES: African conflict units… and NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons….

The OP side of the Coin


Trilogy of the Coin 2/3 – American liars will get what they want, how could they only think that we will believe their crap, that they didn't set up an ambush on our general?! They must think we're stupid! It is too much already, all patience is gone, grab your gear and show them, that we aren't here for their amusement!

In this mission you take part as an Iranian squad leader attacking the american south side of Stratis. It is second part of trilogy, giving the view from the other side of the front (first part is „The BLU side of the Coin“). This part has more action and is little more difficult then the first part. Any critic is welcomed. Hope you won't be bored.

Part 1:Operation Black death


Complete version!You are last squad on the island.No other way to get out.Enemies are controlling whole island.Luckily,we found a helicopter at camp tempest!Get there and fly out of this island!

Český překlad již brzy!

Made by kropy and IKILLER147

IKILLER147 youtube: ,Steam:IKILLER147

Recon Detour


While flying to your next objective, your hummingbird had unexpected failure.. Now without a fuel and inside enemy territory, you are seeking fueltruck. As always things are about to get little more complicated. SP/COOP



Task of your squad is to eliminate high ranked officer before he kills any civilians, destroy communication tower and take back stolen helicopter. Good coordination in team needed. SP-MP compatible. Feedback welcome :)

The BLU side of the Coin


In this mission you take place as a squad leader and your task is to patrol the border with Iran on Stratis island. There is also little „trilogy“ story behind, so if you like, read the chat during the game. It is one of my first missions, so don't be too much critic please. And sorry for my English. Hope you'll enjoy. Comment anything you want about my mission, I'll glad.

The Raid on Osama Bin Laden


původní mise byla editována, byly upraveny trasy letu vrtulníku, přidány nepřátelské jednotky s větší pravděpodobností spawnu a skillu, přidáno více hratelných jednotek (Blufor)

Operation Muskatnuss

ffredyk [CZ]

Your task is to accomplish various tasks on the Stratis island. You are inserted stealthy by boat.


ffredyk [CZ]

You know 3 things: You have a pistol, one medkit and a town with lot of enemies to shoot.. Will you survive?