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Tento katalog slouží jako seznam dostupných českých (a slovenských) komunitních výtvorů.

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Free the Pilot


Simple made Operation Flashpoint style mission. As a leader of a Czech special squad liberate a pilot, who is being held in an enemy occupied village.

Alca Tank Hunter

Alca Tank Hunter

Description: It's early morning, the sky is clear and an alert just awoke you… It's time on airstrike against enemy forces. You are a pilot of L-159 of the Czech Air Force and you have to find and destroy Russian tanks and helicopters, which are located on two places in Chernarus.

Features: Full SP air mission Texts in two languages – English and Czech Tested on ArmAII CO – 1.62

Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

Changelog: v1.3 added new task added radio texts added ammo truck and new units improved briefing, hints and overview replaced Cheyenne's L-159 for L-159 from Army of the Czech Republic DLC All texts are in English and Czech languages. I also changed the story of the mission little bit.

v1.2 added Briefing fixed any things

Credits & thanks: Tomahawk – for translate to Finnish Linville – for made images

Special thanks: Bennett – Briefing


  • Arma 2: Army of the Czech Republic

[C.S.E.C] TDM Missions Pack pro Arma 3 Alpha

Qinetix a Kadlik

Balík obsahuje tyto mise:

  • Agia Marina
  • Airfield Base
  • Camp Maxwell
  • Under Water


  • Zobrazen časový odpočet a aktuální skóre v hintu
  • V parametrech lze zapnout minové pole
  • Antispawnkill

The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic

The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic
  • woodland and desert digital camo currently used by Slovak Army

ČSLA v2.20

ČSLA v2.20
ČSLA mod

Seznam novinek:


  • RM-70 (CSLA)
  • ShKH?77 DANA (CSLA)
  • BPzV-1 Svatava (CSLA)
  • MU-90 (CSLA)
  • F-5E Tiger II fighter (AFMC)
  • F-5E Tiger II CAS (AFMC)

Nové SP mise:

  • Showcase CSLA (locked by default)*
  • Showcase AFMC (locked by default)*
  • Showcase FIA (locked by default)*
  • Support (demo from campaign '89)
  • Flying circus (demo from campaign '89)
  • Rumburak (demo from campaign '89)
  • Gambit (demo from campaign '89)
  • Long hand (demo from campaign '89)

*you need to finish other SP missions first to unlock this content

Nové zbraně:

  • Winchester 1300 (AFMC)
  • Minimi (AFMC)
  • FN FAL with Trilux/ANPVS-4 (AFMC)
  • SVD with NSPU (CSLA)
  • Sa-58 with NSPU (CSLA)

Další (anglicky):

  • all units of the AFMC faction are completely – new together with gear and items
  • new backpacks for AFMC
  • new helmets on CSLA riflemen/moto­riflemen
  • improvement of textures on CSLA units
  • new unarmed units of CSLA faction (prisoners)
  • new animations for holding of Uk-59, Minimi, W1300 and many other weapons
Další informace: http://www.csla-studio.info/

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