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Find and destroy chemical weapons. This mission is inspired by Jester814 „BROTHERS“ This is my first mission. So perhaps a little good. Enjoy it and write comments. Thanks a lot.


ffredyk [CZ]

You are the Exterminator! Special commando which is geneticaly augmented to withstand higher amount of damage! Your task is simple, get the blackbox!

Story: 2023 – Meteorite Popeye has landed on the North Pole. Later that year scientist John Dahr discovered that the meteorite carried lifeforms.

2024 – Professor of Genetics Michael Dolinsky studied the samples of Popeye's lifeforms and he found that they're containing genes, which react to adrenaline. He named it as „Aurora gene“.

2026 – Genetics started to experiment with gene Aurora.

2030 – First bred animal with Aurora gene lives. Scientist Greg Malina experimented with animals and discovered that if they are under influence of adrenaline, their skin is stronger and harder, also their brain is more active.

2032 – Science is trying to find a way to insert Aurora gene into human body.

2033 – Government thinks they can use Aurora's powers as military power. Later that year science finds the way how to insert Aurora gene into human body. This process is painful and slow.

2034 – First Aurora augmented soldier is now being trained in special facility. Project Exterminator is now started.

2035 – Government is afraid that Project Exterminator would fail and wants to know if it's worth the financial cost.

15. August 2035 The first Exterminator on his first mission. Will you be able to perform this extremely dangerous mission?

What the f*ck Your main goal is to maintain high level of adrenaline in your body. You can determine adrenaline level by yellowish borders of your view. The more yellow the borders are, the more pumped you are. If you lose adrenaline level, you will become weak and bullets can kill you easily. (More adrenaline = bigger resistance)

[SP] Convoy

[SP] Convoy

Není pochyb o tom, že CSAT ve válce vítězí. Mají více mužů, techniky a zásob. Nemůžeme jim čelit v normálním boji, ale můžeme dělat bordel v jejich zázemí. Máme zprávu o tom, že dnes večer vyráží z Kavaly zásobovací konvoj, mířící do Athiry a Vaše práce je ho vyhodit do vzduchu. Hodně štěstí!


  • Jednoduchá, ale akční mise
  • Dabing (ENG)
  • Briefing

Vytvořeno na Vývojářské verzi!

SHOA: Tutorial 1 (BETA)


Custom created real-time strategy mission. This is BETA version! It may contain some bugs and errors!

Controlling: LMB – Selecting units (Click to empty space to deselect all) (Hold CTRL while clicking units to select more units) RMB – Order button → Empty space = MOVE command, Enemy unit = ATTACK command, Empty vehicle = GET IN command, Selected vehicle = GET OUT command (Click on the vehicle, you have selected and crew will disembark) SPACE – Switch view (COMMAND to TACTICAL and TACTICAL to COMMAND)

Legend: Blue – Your units, you can control these Green – Allied units, you can't control these Red – Enemy units, you should kill or avoid these White – Selected units

Grouped units are connected via white lines (each member connected to the leader), leader of the group holds rank icon + his name.

Mounting vehicles: Vehicles are being mounted in pattern: — If more than 2 units are selected then >

  • Leader will mount commander pos if available
  • Rest of squad will mount positions „Driver“, „Gunner“, „Cargo“ in order

--- If no more than 2 units are selected then >

  • First unit will mount „Driver“ position and second will mount „Gunner“ positions

If some of the positions is not available for mounting vehicle, it's skipped. PURE ORDER: COMMANDER (>2 units) > DRIVER > GUNNER > CARGO

Known bugs:

  • AI can be buggy and stupid.. Engine problem, I suppose.
  • Sometimes UI may be buggy or misaligned (send me a screenshot please).
  • Icons have wrong positions sometimes
  • Icons of selected units may throw error if they are not on the screenspace.
  • Dead units may show „Board“ hover icon if hovered with cursor
  • Switching views may be buggy

Planned features:

  • Screen scrolling by key input. (WASD to navigate through battlefield)
  • Smart AI friend
  • Multiplayer support (COOP and Competitive)
  • Interactive buildings (for Competitive MP mainly) – Create soldiers, vehicles and another buildings

This script is created all by myself. DO NOT USE IT IN YOUR MISSIONS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! (It's not ready, some planned features still need to be constructed to the framework)

Operation Muskatnuss

Operation Muskatnuss
ffredyk [CZ]

Your task is to accomplish various tasks on the Stratis island. You are inserted stealthy by boat.

The mission I've created a long time ago.. It is not very optimized for playing on the current build, it was created when the alpha started. I'll try to more optimize it for playing on the current version of the game. It is buggy in some events..

It should be working, but the extraction task is a little buggy and might not be complete-able sometimes.

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