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Tento katalog slouží jako seznam dostupných českých (a slovenských) komunitních výtvorů.

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[SP] Information Embargo

[SP] Information Embargo

Your task as a leader of British SF team is to take out a communication tower and before the CSAT will figure out what is going on, grab an enemy informant and get out of there.

  • Multiple objectives
  • Covert operation with stealh gameplay
  • Singleplayer mission with focus on immersion
  • No addons needed

My first mission for ArmA 3. Liked the mission? Please Rate it.

Any feedback welcome. Too short/long? Too easy/hard? Something broken? Any changes needed?

Made and tested on Stable build, but should work on Dev build too.

Special thanks goes to Shuko, for some of his really helpful scripts.

Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy

Greetings soldier, you are sent back into action. Orders are top secret. Everything you need is in your notes. We rely on your professionalism.

  • no mods required
  • czech and english subtitles

I created this mission, in memory of the good old fps games like Project IGI, Delta Force, No One Lives Forever and others. I hope you enjoy it ;)

Operation GreenSmoke

Operation GreenSmoke

It is a night mission where you or a NATO commander and a soldier mate command to destroy the building Opfar



FF Studio presents MP coop mission for 34 players. Your task in this mission is crush down activity of local rebels on island Stratis. Mission can be customized by 11 parameters (AI skill,time,revive options,ammobox system…).


  • Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
  • reviving teammates
  • only pilot can fly
  • gradually assigned tasks
  • player markers on map
  • vehicle/heli respawn
  • protected base zone
  • respawn of helicopters on request
  • rearm and refuel script for helicopters


  • ACRE
  • LAMA

.. but NO MODs required!


  • Tonic aka TAW_Tonic for VAS
  • =BTC= Giallustio for revive script
  • Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS] / updated by SPJESTER for vehicle respawn
  • Kronzky for String Functions Library
  • LAMA CZ-SK Team
  • BIS for this great game!

Have a fun and ENJOY IT!

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