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„It's time to speed it up!“

Description: AAF Colonel, Georgios Nikolas had tough day solving out problems with FIA rebels hidden in the north. It's about 11:00 PM and Colonel is about to go home to get some rest. However he doesn't know he is going to experience deadly situation, when he will have to fight for his own life.


  • Short, Atmospheric mission
  • Voiceovers (ENG)
  • Briefing


Popis: Plukovník AAF, Georgios Nikolas zažil dnes rušný den řešení problémů s teroristy FIA na severu. Je něco o kolo 23:00 a plukovník se chystá domů si odpočinout a nabrat síly. Nicméně netuší, že tuto noc se mu sladké sny zdát nebudou a že bude muset bojovat o svůj vlastní život.


  • Krátká, Atmosférická mise
  • Dabing (ENG)
  • Briefing

Dance Time

Dance Time

Kart Bandits took over Altis and stole all the Disco away from the island. Kill all of them and bring Disco back to life! However you have only 5 minutes too get them, until your happy pills run out and you will totally blow up and die in Disco way. Good luck bro.


  • Classic Crazy Shootout
  • 3 Levels
  • Disco Colors
  • Karters
  • TODD TERJE Music

This is just mission for fun, don't take it seriously at all!

Music by: TODD TERJE

Anti Air Arcade (AAA)

ffredyk [CZ]

Those nasty greedy fouls think, they can invade OUR island?! Teach them a lesson, or multiple lessons.. Defend our beauty island from those pigs!

You are a gunner of a AA system, your objective is to murder and destroy every enemy from every single wave which will invade your island. Will you succeed in this heroic task, or will you be defeated?

Survivor - Endless

ffredyk [CZ]

Survive against bullies which just won't stop hunting you!

This is an sequel to the Survivor mission http://steamcommunity.com/…filedetails/?…


  • Know-how (3D icons above enemies)
  • Explosive Kills (Every dead enemy will explode) NOT YET AVAILABLE
  • Rambo style (You get a machine gun)
  • Grenade hunt (You have grenades – enemies are running)
  • Enemy know-how (Enemies will know where you are even when they don't see you)
  • Gang party (Enemies get a rifle guns)
  • Mafia conflict (Everyone gets a rifle gun)
  • Drugs (Your view is dizzy) NOT YET AVAILABLE


  • Normal (Normal gameplay → 1 Player vs 9 enemies)
  • Night (Same as normal, but played during nighttime)
  • Boss (1 Player vs multiple enemies which can be killed by a headshot only)
  • Survival (1 Player vs horde of one-shot-one-kill enemies)

Between each mode (wave) is a 30s timeout for the player to organize himself. Each new round gives player 2 more magazines to his pistol and will heal him fully in order to survive another round. After third round has been completed, there is also 20s dramatizer during which is the mutator randomly chosen. After long round (3+ minutes long gameplay) the timout time is doubled to 60s.

Mutators are activated before each round starts and are enabled after 3 beaten rounds.

If player dies, he loses one of his 3 lifes. Rounds progression is saved (persistent across mission restarts and game shutdowns) and reset after lose of all lifes.

This is initial beta version. Changes will be made both to gameplay side and content side. Be sure to leave a comment to help make this mission even better

Leading Sector [SC 25]

Leading Sector [SC 25]

Capture and hold all assigned sectors in TvsT or COOP battle.

  • no addons required
  • various adjustable parameters
  • adjustable daytime
  • adjustable weather conditions
  • radio chatter between AI in group can be disabled
  • selection of battle sector (8 locations)
  • chopper support can be enabled/disabled
  • additional cars can be enabled/disabled
  • mortar support can be enabled/disabled
  • re-configuration of AI groups
  • adjustable combinations for advancing of all AI units
  • mission can be played as SP mission (via local MP)
  • respawn on main vehicle and on captured sectors
  • respawn of all availble vehicles
  • random counterattacks on captured sectors
  • 10 BLUFOR vs. 10 OPFOR playable slots
  • optional playable slots for human diversants (except „normal“ playable slots for OPFOR/BLUFOR)
  • random civilan boats over the whole island (mainly in ports)
  • additional stuff (items/weapon­s/magazines) in cargo space of main vehicle
  • players can change their clothing for diving
  • main vehicle has action to unload ammo and weapon crates (only from main respawn vehicle)
  • main vehicle has action to fix broken wheels and minor damage
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