ArmA 2 Beta Patch v.60000


ArmA 2 Beta Patch v.60000

Vložil Celoush, 9.11.2009 19:17:15

Dnes vyšel další Beta patch tentokrát ve verzi označené 60000.

Seznam změn od poslední bety:

 [59988] New: Windowed/Fullscreen can now be switched ingame (in Video options). 

11.11.2009 – Další Beta (60091)

 [60090] Fixed: Improved vehicles and motorcycles driving. [60068] New: Alt-Enter can be used to switch window/fullscreen while paused. [60015] New: Execute action with LMB can be unmapped. [60013] Fixed: Possible freeze under Vista/Win7 when Alt-Tabing out of the game during progress screen.

12.11.2009 – Další Beta (60141)

 [60129] Fixed: AI subordinates now move faster (use less cover) to catch up when leader is way ahead of them. [60102] Fixed: AI subordinates should now respect formation more when moving in combat. [60101] Fixed: Group leader was often running far ahead alone in combat. [60092] Fixed: AI leader did not wait for a player to cover him when moving in combat.