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Voices Of Freedom

Voices Of Freedom

Americké velení potřebuje více informací o silách CSAT. William Sikorski a jeho skupina proto musí najít uvězněného poručíka v samém srdci území pod kontrolou CSAT.


  • Full Singleplayer mission
  • 3 different tasks
  • Nonlinear story – make a decision
  • Texts and dialogs in English, French and Czech

Czech Air Force JAS 39 Gripen

Czech Air Force JAS 39 Gripen

This addon contains seven versions of Jas 39 Gripen (retextured A-149 Gryphon from DLC Jets) of Czech Air Force 211th Tactical Squadron.

Eden editor usage: BLUFOR → Czech Air Force

List of planes: Classic grey Gripen Gripen Tiger 9235 Gripen Tiger 9236 Gripen Tiger 9237 Gripen Tiger 9238 Gripen Tiger 9240 Gripen Tiger 9245

[SP] Operation Midnight Sky

[SP] Operation Midnight Sky

You're taking role of SBS squadleader and your objective is to infiltrate enemy compound, locate any enemy intel and get out before reinforcements arrive.

Weather is randomized with every mission start so if it isn't what you expected just reload the mission from beginning.

Every feedback no matter if its about scripting, translation, difficulty etc. is much appreciated! I need it for future missions and so I can edit this one to your liking.

Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy it.

ACR_A3 - Army of the Czech Republic

ACR_A3 - Army of the Czech Republic

This mod contains various infantry units, vehicles and equipment. It does not include ported vehicles and weapons, for that you have to use it with ACR_A3_CUP and CUP.

This project is open source and all the source can be found on GitHub – You can contribute, create issues, requests and so on. But please do not re-release or alter any part of our mod without our permission.

OPTIONAL MODS: @ACR_A3_CUP-…filedetails/?…

More info –…

CSA38 mod - Czechoslovak army 1938 (Munich crisis)

CSA38 mod - Czechoslovak army 1938 (Munich crisis)

Vítej vojáku,

právě se ti dostala do rukou modifikace hry ArmA3 – „Československá armáda 1938 – Mnichovská krize“. Jedná se o simulátor možných bojů v roce 1938 v pohrani­čí…prozatím ve verzi „Alfa“, což znamená, že modely a funkce jednotlivých částí nejsou finální, „alfa“ verze má hráči přinést pouze obrázek o obsahu, který postupně budeme aktualizovat a i doplňovat a optimalizovat pro lepší hráčský zážitek.

Ve verzi je k dispozici mapa „Mařenice“, což je terén zpracovaný na základě skutečného terénu v Lužických horách v měřítku 1:1 a rozestavení objektů odpovídá skutečnosti.

Infiltration [Zombies and Demons]

Infiltration [Zombies and Demons]

gia Marina is under zombie attack and you have a very important mission.

Objectives Deliver fuel truck to the target location (optional) Find hidden supplies near the breakwater (optional) Kill uniqe „spider“ zombie (optional) Clear the town

Beware of highlighted areas!

Flanker Hits Back

Flanker Hits Back

Operace Silentcoast začala. Americké síly se vylodily na Altis, aby odtud vytlačily jednotky CSAT. V tuto chvíli se blíží k naší strategické základně v Gravii. Nasedni do svého Su-35 a zkus je zastavit poblíž Molosu a Sofii co nejrychleji to bude možné.


  • Full Singleplayer mission
  • 3 different tasks
  • Optional armament
  • Texts and dialogs in English, French and Czech

Mission requires this addon:

Su-35 E Flanker:…filedetails/?…


  1. Click the „Subscribe“ and it should install automatically


  1. Download from: To be added soon…

Special thanks:

chicago – testing vanhouten – testing BonnieBlue88 – English corrections o_livier – French translation John_Spartan – for amazing addon

I will be glad, when you leave any comment…

[SP] Return To Eden

[SP] Return To Eden

3D Eden Editor is out everyone! As celebration I made this short mission called „Return To Eden“ to memorial of OFP: CWC mission. This is my first mission created in Eden Editor, so have fun.

Description: After years of CSAT opression of Altis, NATO decided to take it back from them. Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are preparing a coastal attack. It's time to Return To Eden!


  • Fast action mission
  • Object composiotion
  • Voiceovers (ENG)

Version: 1.0

If you'll find some bugs, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

resistance-rat 2016

Operation Earthquake SP

Operation Earthquake SP

You are in the enemy territory. CSAT is preparing deployment of the seismic generator weapon. Your mission is to find location of seismic generators and destroy them.


  • Main mission
  • Side missions
  • Zeus avalible for squad leaders
  • Arsenal
  • ZBE caching script for performance
  • Autosave
  • Ability switch to the Squad leader by radio
  • Voice acting

I am looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Mission Info Infected are hunting you, are you skilled enough to outsmart them, escape them or kill enough of them to survive? This is a multiplayer mission for 2 to 5 players.

You begin stranded around your safe camp. Your first task is to get to the camp alive, there you create a team and your next task will be to get the vehicles for you to start escaping. After you get vehicles get to the shed and wait to the chapter 2.

Approximate playtime: 30–60 minutes

Features info

  • Features zombies that follows you and bites you, you can survive 9 zombie bites.
  • Zombies are not sprinting but just running
  • You can kill them with one to two shots
  • Thanks to arma logic, they are capable of wall clipping sometimes
  • Immersive mode (NOT YET)
  • Story with 5 characters
  • Gasoline mini-game
  • Low ammo
  • Skippable intro
  • Build with TFAR in mind
  • Zombies multiplied with player count
  • Zombies created locally on all clients

Trivia / Other

  • Mission is based on Nogova Virus.
  • I want to thank the creator of Nogova Virus for his creation and the whole saga.
  • This mission is a tribute to the Nogova Virus saga and will most likely follow it's storyline with some modifications.
  • Immersive mode is not yet fully functional, there were some development disagreements that halted it's production for some time.
  • Contains royalty free music from Youtube creator studio
  • Best immersion is achieved with Task Force Radio Arrowhead
  • Please report any bugs, errors or suggestions you'd like to change.
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