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Advance And Secure PvP game mode for Arma 3, with dynamically generated missions. Game mode is for 24 vs. 24 players. Well playable even for 1 vs. 1 player.

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Altis Virus - Chapter 1

Mission Info Infected are hunting you, are you skilled enough to outsmart them, escape them or kill enough of them to survive? This is a multiplayer mission for 2 to 5 players.

You begin stranded around your safe camp. Your first task is to get to the camp alive, there you create a team and your next task will be to get the vehicles for you to start escaping. After you get vehicles get to the shed and wait to the chapter 2.

Approximate playtime: 30–60 minutes

Features info

  • Features zombies that follows you and bites you, you can survive 9 zombie bites.
  • Zombies are not sprinting but just running
  • You can kill them with one to two shots
  • Thanks to arma logic, they are capable of wall clipping sometimes
  • Immersive mode (NOT YET)
  • Story with 5 characters
  • Gasoline mini-game
  • Low ammo
  • Skippable intro
  • Build with TFAR in mind
  • Zombies multiplied with player count
  • Zombies created locally on all clients

Trivia / Other

  • Mission is based on Nogova Virus.
  • I want to thank the creator of Nogova Virus for his creation and the whole saga.
  • This mission is a tribute to the Nogova Virus saga and will most likely follow it's storyline with some modifications.
  • Immersive mode is not yet fully functional, there were some development disagreements that halted it's production for some time.
  • Contains royalty free music from Youtube creator studio
  • Best immersion is achieved with Task Force Radio Arrowhead
  • Please report any bugs, errors or suggestions you'd like to change.

Warlords: Pyrgos Bay

Warlords: Pyrgos Bay

Warlords mod NOT required; this is a standalone demo mission for it. You can get the full mod here:…filedetails/?…

Complete info on the gameplay style here:…39-warlords/

Capture sectors. Through them, advance to the enemy base and raid it.

You can purchase soldiers, vehicles, aircraft, gear and more.

Parameters allow you to change various rules within the mission.



Warlords for Arma 3 is a multiplayer mode set up as a sort of Sector Control / CTI hybrid supporting TvT, PvP as well as COOP and even solo play against the AI. After subscribing, Warlords scenarios will appear when setting up a MP game.

More info:…


  • This is pure PVP ARENA(with friends)
  • TDM from 1vs1 to 4vs4 –
  • Random Spawning in corners with VAS and at middle you can find notebook where u can set night.(only hoster)
  • this works only non-dedicated so u have to host.
  • PPL with lowend pc would like it.
  • any suggestion post to comment
  • Enjoy

Coop-3 GreenSmoke 3

Coop-3 GreenSmoke 3

Your primary objective is to clear the base but mostly secretly

Operation Sandstorm


Operation Sandstorm is a COOP multiplayer mission for 10 players, in wich you will play as paratrooper with your teammates. You must conquer with your AIs the Theros church.

Leading Sector [SC 25]

Leading Sector [SC 25]

Capture and hold all assigned sectors in TvsT or COOP battle.

  • no addons required
  • various adjustable parameters
  • adjustable daytime
  • adjustable weather conditions
  • radio chatter between AI in group can be disabled
  • selection of battle sector (8 locations)
  • chopper support can be enabled/disabled
  • additional cars can be enabled/disabled
  • mortar support can be enabled/disabled
  • re-configuration of AI groups
  • adjustable combinations for advancing of all AI units
  • mission can be played as SP mission (via local MP)
  • respawn on main vehicle and on captured sectors
  • respawn of all availble vehicles
  • random counterattacks on captured sectors
  • 10 BLUFOR vs. 10 OPFOR playable slots
  • optional playable slots for human diversants (except „normal“ playable slots for OPFOR/BLUFOR)
  • random civilan boats over the whole island (mainly in ports)
  • additional stuff (items/weapon­s/magazines) in cargo space of main vehicle
  • players can change their clothing for diving
  • main vehicle has action to unload ammo and weapon crates (only from main respawn vehicle)
  • main vehicle has action to fix broken wheels and minor damage



FF Studio presents MP coop mission for 34 players. Your task in this mission is crush down activity of local rebels on island Stratis. Mission can be customized by 11 parameters (AI skill,time,revive options,ammobox system…).


  • Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
  • reviving teammates
  • only pilot can fly
  • gradually assigned tasks
  • player markers on map
  • vehicle/heli respawn
  • protected base zone
  • respawn of helicopters on request
  • rearm and refuel script for helicopters


  • ACRE
  • LAMA

.. but NO MODs required!


  • Tonic aka TAW_Tonic for VAS
  • =BTC= Giallustio for revive script
  • Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS] / updated by SPJESTER for vehicle respawn
  • Kronzky for String Functions Library
  • LAMA CZ-SK Team
  • BIS for this great game!

Have a fun and ENJOY IT!

Operation Gold Horizon I Co-04

Operation Gold Horizon I Co-04

Description: This is the first mission from the series called Operation Gold Horizon and your current task is to kill enemy general and escape to friendly territory.

Mission Briefing: Czech forces supported by expeditionary forces from other EU countries are waging war with Greece forces. War for the Stratis island is only one small battle in huge war and you play important role in this battle. Our forces are currently holding south part of the Island and we were in the defensive for the last few weeks. But now, with the new reinforcements we can go offensive and your squad is the first part of this offensive. You have to assasinate enemy general. He will arrive at Kamimo military base at 8:12. Our littlebird will insert you deep inside enemy territory at 0:10 so you have 8 hours to get into sniper position Bravo. From there you will have good overwatch on Kamino. After general´s dead you have to escape from enemy territory. You can walk/ride to friendly territory at south, escape in boat or call a helicopter at Zulu LZ. Fastest way is definietly a helicopter, but we can garantee helicopter will be able to land. Same with boats – we cant garantee they will be there.

Secondary objectives: Destroy the enemy supplies Destroy the mortars Find the recon team

Primary objectives: Reach bravo Kill the general – Its quite hard shot, so its suggestet to take a skilled sniper with you. IF you fail to assasinate the general you CAN continue to next checkpoint → Escape. Escape

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